Protest for abortion rights in Ireland. International day of action and protests at Irish embassies & consulates worldwide.

Internationaler Aktionstag gegen das irische Abtreibungsverbot: 28.10. 17.00 Uhr Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, am 2. Todestag von Savita Halapannavar

BERLIN, 5pm, October 28, Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin Irish Pro Choice Solidarity call for the repeal of the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution.

Berlin Irish Pro Choice Solidarity are Irish Berlin-based activists, campaigning for a liberalisation of Ireland’s (North and South) highly restrictive abortion laws.

Last July, the chair of the United Nations Human Rights committee said that Irish abortion law treats women as a “vessel and nothing more”.

Every year at least 5,000 women leave Ireland every year at huge personal and financial cost to procure a termination in the UK or further afield.

Marginalised women (asylum-seekers, women of lower socio-economic status, women with certain disabilities, etc.) have to bear the full burden of the State’s abortion ban, whereas privileged women may circumvent it, but often at a significant financial and emotional cost.

One such case occured merely a few months ago in Ireland. A raped, suicidal, pregnant asylum seeker was denied a termination in the 8th week. She protested this by going on hunger strike but was force-fed and a caesarian section was performed in the 25th week.

Two years ago this month, Savita Halapannavar, a dentist from India. 17 weeks pregnant, made requests for termination as she was in severe pain and miscarrying an unviable foetus. She died as a result of this on October 28 2012 – a death that could have easily been avoided if there had been clear, practicable legislation in place.

On October 28th 2014, the second anniversary of the death of Savita Halapannavar we will mark this tragedy with a protest at 5pm at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Abortion is still illegal in Ireland and it is likely that more women will suffer if not die because of this ban.

We demand that Ireland bring its laws on abortion in line with internationally recognised human rights norms and European Court of Human Rights rulings.We ask for your support in pressurising the Irish government to do so.If they don’t repeal the 8th amendment we support the demand for a referendum in spring 2015.

Thanks to local organisations Linksjugend [’solid] Berlin Kreuzkölln and the International Activist Network for their help in coordinating this protest in solidarity with the ROSA international day of activism to repeal the 8th referendum.

Please feel free to contribute any creative ideas you may have! We will meet Wednesday (Oct 22), at K-Fetisch, Wildenbruchstrasse 86 (Neukoelln) at 6pm if you would like to work with us.