Interessante Überlegungen über die problematische und veraltete Bildsprache der feministischen pro choice Bewegung: “Perhaps the coat hanger does what it’s intended to do. It makes me uncomfortable and makes me think about the violence [inherent in restricting women’s rights],” Smith told RH Reality Check. Through art, she said, “I want to find a way to honor that history, what illegal abortion meant, and be respectful of what that means for people who have that real connection to that history. But I don’t know if that’s the message to put out there and for people to share. Women are resilient. Where are the images of resilience? Where are the images of faith? Where are the images of optimism?”

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und hier haben Künstler_innen aus Spanien begonnen, ihre Bilder und Karikaturen gegen die drohende Abtreibungsverschärfung zu sammeln.