USA: Das Hyde Amendment

Ein super-informativer Abriss über das Hyde Amendment, das in den USA seit Jahrzehnten dafür sorgt, dass Abtreibunen nicht aus öffentlichen Kassen bezahlt werden dürfen und warum auch Obama daran wenig geändert hat. Auf Englisch.

It took only a few years for the exuberance over the Roe v. Wade decision to subside into the realization that, even with a constitutionally protected right to abortion, women’s access could still be threatened by other avenues—especially if they lacked the resources to afford an abortion. The Catholic hierarchy and its antiabortion allies tried in the years immediately after Roe to get Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, but they failed to win popular support for the measure—even from Catholics. In 1976, Robert Lynch, head of the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA), the Catholic bishops’ antiabortion lobby, admitted that the “overwhelming majority of Catholics” were apathetic about recriminalizing abortion.