GB: Debatte um „Gehsteigberatung“

Nicht so sehr „Gehsteigberatung“ als viel mehr Gebetsvigilien halten „pro life“ Gruppen in Großbritannien zunehmend ab. Die Londoner Gruppe Feminist Fightback hat eine Strategiedebatte darüber angestoßen, wie man diesen sinnvoll begenen kann: Anti-Choice Vigils: A Debate on Tactics

As every feminist knows, the last few years have witnessed a shocking rise in USstyle anti-abortion vigils outside clinics. A number of feminist organisations have been doing excellent work in countering this including Bloomsbury Pro-Choice who have mounted a consistent challenge to the destructive 40 Days for Life campaign in London, Brighton Pro-Choice and other local groups. Feminist Fightback had our own encounter with these anti-abortionists and since then we have been reflecting on and discussing the best strategies to counter the anti-abortion aggression.